Steps to Become a Felony Defense Attorney

If you want to become a lawyer, a felony defense attorney is one option you will have. This type of lawyer defends people who have been accused of felonies. They make sure the person’s rights are protected and defend them the best way they can. This career can be rewarding as the lawyer helps accused people get a fair trial. As with any type of law degree, there are steps you need to take to become a criminal defender. There is hard work involved as well as long hours, and studying.

Passing the LSAT
Once you have decided you want to become a felony defense attorney, the first step along your path is passing the Law School Admission Test, or LSAT. This multiple-choice test is given four times a year. The test is required for any student who wants to apply to law school. You should study as much as possible for this important test. There are classes you can take to help you prepare for the test as well as test prep materials you can purchase. Your score needs to be good to be accepted to law school.

Go to Law School
When you have your LSAT score, you can apply to law schools you are interested in attending. Once accepted to law school, you will have required courses you will need to take. You will also want to take courses that will prepare you for being a criminal defender. Criminal law, trial advocacy, evidence, and criminal procedure will be courses you should take along with the required course work.

Clerk for a Law Office
Getting experience while going to law school can help you. Law students have opportunities to work in government agencies and law firms. Clerking in a public defender office or private practice will give you experience. It also helps you make contacts that can help you later get a job.

Pass the Bar Exam
Once you have graduated from law school, you will need to take the bar exam and pass this test. You will need to study and prepare for this test. There are courses that help prepare you for the bar exam. You need to pass this exam to be a lawyer. Once you have passed the bar exam you will be ready to find a job.

The steps to becoming a felony defense attorney may be full of studying and long hours. The end result of the time spent in law school is a rewarding career helping people. As a criminal lawyer in a public defender’s office or private firm, you may spend time working in courtrooms, offices, and law libraries. You job will be to defend a person accused of a felony and you will advocate for them at trial.